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Nut & Nat is a Bolivian company dedicated to the preparation of organic foods. Its brand Kremmore offers diverse products processed based on quinoa and Andean cereals.

Precisely these products, combined in pre-established proportions, achieve a high nutritional and protein value. They are ideal products to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

The Kremmore products constitute a complete meal, so much for their energetic value, as for their protein contribution. This is gluten-free food and constitutes an excellent food for celiac.
Our principal objective is to offer the consumer healthy products, 100% natural, with a high protein value and organic certification. Our working philosophy is geared towards the maximum satisfaction of our clients. The experience, professionalism and dedication that our experts provide to each one of our products in every production phase, ensure the quality of the KREMMORE products.

The quality of Nut & Nat-Kremmore counts with the official endorsement since the company has received the following certifications:

* Organic Certification issued by CERES
* 1st Place Award: Responsible Environmental Management
* Management System Certification NB 12009

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